About Us

It all began when Kylie, the founder and sole proprietor of Folklore Candle Works, wanted to raise money for a choir trip to Ireland in 2015. She's always loved crafting and art and wanted to find a creative way to raise funds for the trip, but quickly fell in love with the art of candle making!

Our scents are inspired by centuries of human imagination. Every candle is a thoughtful celebration of folk tales, art, music, literature, and culture from across the globe. Our candles are more than gorgeous scents-- they are an experience. Immerse yourself in one of our many unique scents and transport yourself through time.

Every product in our shop, from inception to picking fragrances to the design, is a labor of love. All of our candles and wax melts are 100% handmade with ethically sourced ingredients, including our pure soy wax, and all artwork and design is also done in house.