What's Inside?


With Folklore products, you can rest easy knowing you're getting products with simple ingredients that are ethically sourced. Here is what's inside all of our products:

Candle Products

- 100% food grade soy wax
- clean-burning fragrance oils - FSC certified wooden wicks (wooden wick candles only)- Cotton wicks (cotton wick candles only)- liquid candle dye (colored candles only)- recycled glass

Wax Melts

- 100% food grade soy tart/melt wax (This is a firmer wax than regular candle wax that is more suitable for wax melts.)
- clean-burning fragrance oils - pearlescent mica powder - liquid candle dye


Linen & Room Sprays

- distilled water
- polysorbate 20 (emulsifier)- clean-burning fragrance oils- recycled glass bottles


What exactly does "clean-burning fragrance oil" mean?

We're so glad you asked! We take pride in sourcing only fragrance oils that have been produced with your health in mind. The fragrance industry has been notoriously non-transparent about the health facts surrounding fragrance oils. Folklore Candle Works products only use oils that are free of the following toxins:

- carcinogens- mutagens- reproductive toxins- organ toxins- acute toxins- phthalates

We stand by using clean fragrances to keep you, your family, and pets happy and healthy. You might also find that clean-burning scents in addition to our 100% soy wax won't give you a headache like some candles will!