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Folklore Candle Works

Selkie's Cove || 16 oz. Double-Wick Candle

Selkie's Cove || 16 oz. Double-Wick Candle

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On a gloomy, overcast day on the beaches of Scotland and Ireland, one might catch a rare glimpse of a selkie-- an oceanbound creature with the ability to shapeshift between human and seal forms. The unmistakable scent of sea salt and driftwood belied by precious beach daisies drifts through the air in the cove where the selkies come to play. 

Each and every Folklore candle is hand made from top to toe, and cured for at least 7 days before listing to ensure maximum scent throw.

16 oz. // 4" tall

Burn time: Approx. 80 hours

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